Annual Meeting - Thursday, October, 12, 2023 - Minutes
Winter Meeting - Thursday, December 14, 2023 - Minutes
Spring Meeting - Thursday, March 14, 2024 - Minutes

2013 Through 2023 - Minutes

All Meetings start at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted.

The regular meeting site is Shrewsbury High School.

FYI - starting on Friday, July 1st, you can register for your background check at miaa.arbitersports.com. All fall sports officials must complete their registration by August 20. The cost for the background check for renewing officials and new members is $35, and $10 to register with the MIAA, bringing the total Arbiter cost to $45. We are asking these individuals to send $45 to complete their dues for the 2023-2024 school year. The background check is good for three years. Officials who are in the second or third year of the background check cycle will pay $90 for dues, and $10 for renewing their registration with the MIAA, bringing their total to $100.

Concussion code requirements: This is a yearly certification requirement and the certification is only valid between July 1st and June 30th of a given academic year. You must take the course again for each academic year.

"Game officials shall complete one of the training programs approved by the DPH specified on the DPH's website annually and shall provide independent verification of completion of the training program to schools or school districts upon request."

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